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How to find the lowest prices for your car insurance

The term 'cheapest car insurance' is very difficult to define. Cheapest for whom? The driver who was just passed a driving test, the middle-aged male with 25 years accident free experience, the 75-year-old lady who uses her car once a week to visit the shops? There is no one single lowest cost insurer but the one that can produce the most inexpensive policy for you does exist, and is fairly easy to find.

Many motorists find low-cost quotations by using car insurance comparison sites but they only do this when their existing policy is nearly due for renewal, and so they miss out on a lot of bargains. Many insurers cut their prices for new clients for a short while from time to time if their advertising budgets permit it. This means that you can often buy excellent policies for lower prices than even cheapo policies from the bargain basement, budget insurers. These low-cost policies are not advertised in advance however so you have to find them. This means checking certain price comparison sites regularly, well in advance of the date when your next renewal falls due, keeping a careful look out for the current special offers and cut-price deals. Some insurers may allow you to book your next policy, which may be several weeks or even months away, at the current low price; others of course may have a strict time limit which means checking more often as you get closer to the renewal date.

Is third-party cover any cheaper?

Many motorists who are looking for just the very cheapest quotes confine themselves to searching for third-party only cover. This may not be the least expensive option however. Many insurance companies take the view that those motorists who buy third-party insurance are less likely to be careful about how they drive and maintain their vehicles and this can be reflected in higher premiums. It is entirely possible that you will find cheaper insurance on a fully comprehensive basis, with much greater benefits as a bonus, so check prices for both.

Is 'cheapo' insurance worth buying?

If an insurer offers much lower prices overall than its competitors there is usually a reason for this. Very cheap insurance companies can often have very expensive fees for any mid term changes you may have to make such as a change of vehicle, address, occupation etc and you are obliged to inform them of these changes immediately, failing which they could have an excuse to refuse to pay out on a claim. Also, some bargain basement insurers can prove difficult to contact, slow to settle claims but very fast at increasing the premium when your policy comes up for renewal. So, to find that cheapest car insurance quotation start your search early, and before buying a policy from any insurer at all you should first of all check all the insurance documentation, looking out particularly for any extras, and look for reviews of the company on the Internet. You should then be able to feel reasonably assured of finding cut price cover without sacrificing quality.

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